Hi. Thanks for coming. I’m glad you found me.

In these times, with our basic human rights being challenged in ways that pull us backwards, against our will, in history, we need strong support systems, compassionate community. We need to actively engage in self-care on a daily basis so that we can find the strength to create an alternative reality to the slop that is being dished up and plopped down before us.

It’s time to look deep within, to heal from the inside out, to love all parts of ourselves, embrace the inner child and look fear in the face. We have the opportunity to heal generations of pain and trauma, to flip our DNA, to send waves back through time so that we all may move on in peace.

My work as a Reiki master is becoming more urgent. Ancestors are stepping up to help in the process, and we are able to access deeper levels together that many other methods can’t touch.

Please reach out if you have an itch you can’t scratch on your own, an inkling that something is stirring, something wants to be coaxed out. Together we can get to the source, spiral to the center, remove anything holding you back or blocking you so that you can step into your full, innate, gorgeous power.


~Spiral wave image credit: Anna Ewa Miarczynska