healing hands

Spiral to the Center is all about getting back to your essence, honoring your truth, and bringing your dreams to life. I am following my calling to help you get in touch with your inner voice, your guides, your intuition, your vision.

Reiki and Ancestral Healing
I am a Reiki master-teacher, and in our sessions this gentle, nurturing energy will go exactly where it needs to go–it has an intuition of its own! We set an intention for what you would like to bring in and what you would like to clear. We can address issues such as anxiety, insomnia, depression, general malaise…you don’t need to know what’s “wrong” in order for Reiki to be beneficial! Recently a lot of ancestral healing is coming to the forefront, and we are able to heal generational wounds and trauma that you may not even realize you are carrying in your DNA.

As a Reiki master-teacher, I have received the ability to perform “psychic surgery.” Sounds pretty crazy, right? For me it manifests as visual messages that come through while my hands are on your chakras, that translate to words as I sit down with you after the Reiki. I am able to use the messages to point me to what needs work, and then direct the energy in specific ways to charge up, heal, and unblock what’s stuck. Sometimes ancestors, guides, and other helpers come in during sessions to guide the energy and assist with clearing out any dark energetic cords that are wound up in your body. It’s pretty magnificent, and I’m always deeply grateful for this help.

Distance Reiki
If you’re too far away for an in-person session, we can do a distance Reiki session. For this we have an initial phone conversation to see what’s up for you and what you’d like to focus on, and I then send you Reiki for 30-45 minutes. Afterwards, I send you an email with all of the messages I’ve received about what needed shifting and what has shifted, and any guidance or suggestions that came through. We then have another phone conversation to check in for a chance for you to share your experience and ask any questions that may have come up.

Intuitive Portraits
An optional bonus to our Reiki sessions is the opportunity to receive a piece of art that depicts your higher self, your guides, or an intention you would like as a guide and physical reminder. These portraits draw from the visual imagery I receive during our Reiki session, and are expanded upon afterwards. This is sacred art that is unique to you–and a chance to see parts of your soul in visual form every day!

Rites of Passage Facilitator
So many of the huge transformations we go through in our lifetimes aren’t properly honored and acknowledged. The practice of being in ceremony and celebrating change through rites of passage has largely been lost. We can sit in ceremony together to pay respect to birth, death, marriage, loss…anything of importance with which you could use guidance. We call upon assistance from the ancestors to help us let go of former versions of self or relationships and connections that are no longer serving us, so that we may step fully into new versions of ourselves.