“Alice is a truly gifted, deeply intuitive and wise healing practitioner. Each of my sessions has left me with a greater sense of personal insight, calm resolve and renewal. She is an amazing facilitator who creates a grounded space, filled with gentle humor and compassion, for transformation to naturally unfold within. Love working with her so very much!”

~Christen Rinaldi, Reiki Master/Teacher


“I received a hands-on healing/Reiki session from Alice that was so deeply supportive of my nervous system beginning to return to balance, my heart to feel at peace, and just to reset my system in general. Alice also offered some deep intuitive insights that are helping me to navigate my own leveling up in terms of health and energetics.”

~Grace Murdock, Sentient Life Coach


“I received a Reiki attunement with Alice, and it was one of the best things I’ve done for myself. My focus, energy, and overall zest for life have improved, and I feel like I’ve definitely come more alive. I’m ready to “step into my power” and be the most authentic me that I can. As a teacher, Alice elegantly guides the process and provides useful information to help you understand the concepts and processes, and how to continue on the path. I am looking forward to the level II attunement. I highly recommend Alice for Reiki attunements. 👍👍”

~Brian Hightower, Acupuncturist


“Alice’s work is deeply shamanic and sacred. Not to be taken between this and that, but rather, savored and pondered and listened to. Asé.”

~Meta Commerse, Founding Director, Story Medicine Worldwide


“Alice is an extremely intuitive and compassionate Reiki practitioner! Her sessions are soothing and full of insights that go back generations. I am still reflecting, learning, and growing from them months later. Thank you, Alice!”

~Courtney Morrison, LMBT, CPC, Holistic Massage Practitioner, Conscious Communication Coach


“Working with Alice was such a beautiful experience. She has a gift for healing and is in tune beyond the veil. My sessions with her have been powerful and very nurturing.”

~Kara Kihm, LCSW, Reiki Master/Teacher


“My experience with Alice was amazing. She made me incredibly comfortable and provided insight into my life to promote thoughtful healing that was long overdue. I’m looking forward to my next session with her.”

~Libby Gamble


“This work is truly profound, and Alice has a true gift as a unique energy healer and guide.

“Each session invoked a really strong presence of divine guides, angels and ancestral invitation. The healing force can vary and range from very subtle to substantial pleasant warmth, that soaks in and moves where it needs to go.

“One of my favorite parts was removing stuck cords and baggage that were once stored in my neck and shoulders. The feeling was reminiscent of a butterfly spreading its wings, and a big burden was lifted.

“Another profound experience was cutting the cords connected to past toxic relationships at the solar plexus–very powerful, yet subtle.

“Towards the end Alice gives an overview with a reading from each part of your body and an overall divine message and guidance that serve you well towards further healing.

“I highly recommend this–this is more than bodywork, this is spiritual guidance and healing on a very deep level.”

~Katerina Dordelman


“Working with Alice feels like an avenue for opening towards a greater understanding of what’s possible for myself and others. I’m grateful and excited to be working with and learning from such a genuine and genuinely insightful person!”

~Tim O’Connell


“Alice’s work has helped me significantly over the years. Her gift is real and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. I highly recommend her to everyone.”

~Carolina Paredes