Loving the Lonely Parts

Be not afraid of the darkest, way-back crooked recesses of the mind. The slithery abyss that keeps moving with its secrets, where your inner child with the wet eyes and hot cheeks hides. Where your 4th-grade dreams and devastations fell irretrievably, are falling still, because there is no bottom. Where you are frozen in the inky pitch of space, in your various forgotten stages, in your longings that never came to light.

If we sit still long enough, if we let ourselves lie in bed on a cold morning instead of rushing to put the coffee pot and the agenda on, it will all come back. All the lost and broken and essential pieces of our most authentic, yearning selves. We will remember why we came here. We will be able to look into the dewy inner child eyes, the ones that had been searching for us in the dark for these many years. And embrace her, and reassure her that we’ll keep her safe, we’ll never abandon her again, we’ll listen to her stories and hold her hand.

And these lonely parts will make us whole again. They will guide us to water and nourishment, take us back to the Earth that is our home. Teach us humility, compassion, patience, tenderness. All the things we had forgotten in our busyness, in our outside quests.

Come back inside with me, let yourself be led by your one true voice, to the places inside you need to know. Be not afraid, bright one, for in the darkness lies peace and salvation. Mossy burrows to curl into and recharge. There is no rush, no deadline. We are here for the winter, so let’s finally settle in and get some rest.

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