Shine Like Dagger Diamonds

It just occurred to me this morning that I am currently engaged in at least four overlapping communities here that all encourage authenticity, openness, and (at times radical) self-expression. My work, Inara’s school, the greater ecstatic dance community, the (I guess what you would call) burner crowd here. Hell, even the acupuncture community–it was my first in Asheville, and I ended up making a baby with someone from this big circle.

Just expressing gratitude for the multitude of individuals, collectives, organizations…who are currently weaving us together in our humanness and our shared desire to do better, to be better. And by better I mean kinder, gentler, more compassionate, braver warriors of peace, more creative, ever justice-seeking, heart-led spiritual activists. I am being encouraged from all sides to be my best, truest self, and I believe that is one of the greatest blessings I could receive. And in this process…all of us who are going through this transformation (so many of us are!)…we come back to our own essence and purpose. And with this, are able to blaze brighter trails and spread beauty and hope simply in our presence in the world, in whatever room and on whatever path we happen to be.

It all keeps evolving. We are being pushed along on this spiral journey to greater depths of ourselves and our capabilities, so that we may shine our gifts like dagger diamonds into the darkness of the world and help dissipate the clouds that so many of us walk in.

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